Naked football

So I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner with my family and bonding right now.

Not really.

I'm sitting at the kitchen table stalking people on Facebook.

Same thing, right?

Anyway, this is what I just heard from the playroom:

HK: Let's play naked football.

D: How do you play?

HK: You have to touch me in my end zone.

*cut to me laughing hysterically*

I really should not be allowed to raise children.

3 people used their Big Boy words to communicate:

Angela said...

OMG! This reminds me of the Nudie Too Too and Paige moment at the Jevecs! What is it with kids and their nether-regions!

I'm pretty sure I was 26 when someone first saw my "end zone", give or take a year or two ;)

WheresMyAngels said...

OMgosh, that is really bad!! ha ha But so worth blogging about!

Anonymous said...

At least it was not naked Crisco Twister!