Hey, remember me?

So I've been in blog denial for a while now. I was feeling Stoogey and Grinchy and just all around shitty this Christmas season, and I totally slacked off on blogging. It's hard when life is just kicking you in the ass again and again...I simply wasn't feeling amusing and thought nobody would want to read me any other way. Funny is good but the tougher times aren't, so I stayed away from my beloved Blogger because I didn't want to be the whiney buzzkill bitch.

But I'm better now.

So, I'm going to post. Probably a lot.

We'll see...

2 people used their Big Boy words to communicate:

Veronica Harmonica said...

Thank goodness!!
I miss laughing every morning!!

Deb said...

sorry you were feeling grinchy! i see you're on crackbook now. woo-hoo!