I'm making an executive decision up in this bitch

So, I've been blogging pretty regularly now, and it is truly an outlet for me. I love doing it. It makes me deliriously blissful being able to put my feelings and thoughts into words and get them out of my jam-packed, slightly warped brain.

But as much fun as I've been having, and as many positive reactions as I've received, I'm still holding back. I'm still not being "me", completely and totally, for fear of offending someone, or losing a reader or two. Because that would make me sad, being the delicate little flower I am.

Specifically, I haven't really cussed on my blog. Oh sure, I've said 'bitch' and 'shit' and 'ass', but let's be honest here...if you've met me, you know that doesn't even begin to enter the arsenal of swear words I have at my disposal.

So, I'm going to cuss. I'm probably even going to use the dreaded 'F-word'. It's my blog, with my thoughts, and I need to be 100% real to enjoy writing. I'm sorry if this offends you, and you always have the option of not reading...but that would probably not be such a great idea, because sometimes I totally KICK. ASS.


So, let's get this enormous elephant in the room the hell out of here.

(Close your eyes and click down on the mouse if you don't like icky words).


There. I've said it once, and now I can say it all I want. I'll even put a cute little disclaimer on my sidebar.

This blog was never really intended to be meant for kids. Truthfully, mine don't even know I have it, and yours probably shouldn't either. Well, especially not now.

So please...keep reading. I'd really love it if you did. But if my ugly mouth offends your tender ears, I understand.

Did I mention that sometimes I totally KICK. ASS.?

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J'Ollie Primitives said...
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Darlene said...

How do ya feel now....I was ROFLOL when I read this post!!!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

YIKES...well since I whapped my daughter upside the head when she used that word at 17...and since I forbid it from them when they are around mom even now that they are adults....and since my hubby was sweet enough to stop using it when he saw me flinch...I guess I'm one of those delicate readers...and I'm sorry too..because you're right...sometimes you kick ass

Have fun with your blog...I would never want anyone to not be themselves. And I wouldn't want anyone to tell me what I could and couldn't say on my blog. So I'm with you in spirit! And I'm sure gonna miss reading your great stuff! Take care!