Living on a corner kicks ass

Hey, wanna see the view from my kitchen window on Sunday?

Why, lookee there! There seems to be something in my front yard. Let's look closer...


A freaking GMC, to be exact, and it somehow ended up in my front yard, accompanied by a newborn baby, a hysterical mother and a bleeding old woman.

Fine. It wasn't so much in my yard, more on the corner, but I'm short on blogging material these days, so let's just pretend.

Basically, there was a car accident in my front yard. And yes, we all ran out to see, and thank God I actually had my boobies wrangled up in a bra, because those firemen...oh, those firemen. Holy hotness, Batman.


I need more accidents in my front yard.

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J'Ollie Primitives said...


Oh sorry I'm yelling. I see a fireman BUT he 1. is fully dressed and 2. I cannot see his face.

Next accident remember: zoom lens. preferably zooming in on scantily clad calender fireman.

just sayin'.