Bad Parenting 103

This morning, PPT was taking his sweet time doing EVERYTHING I asked him to do. What followed is another shining example of why my uterus should have been removed before I procreated:

M: PPT, finish your cereal, we have to get going.

*Eight minutes later*

M: Seriously? You're not done yet? Hurry up, we have to leave!

PPT: (Showing me his empty cereal bowl) OOOOHH! (Said in a very snotty, "You're so stupid and I told you so" pre-teenage voice. At least, that's what I heard.)

M: BAM! KAPOW! (The sound of me hitting him upside the head.)

PPT: What?! What did I do?

M: Didn't you just say "OOOOHH" to me, all snotty and bastard-like?

PPT: No.

The Dictator, piping in:

D: He didn't, mommy.

M: Oh. Well, sorry. And just so you know, if you ever do make that sound, I'm going to smack you in the head.

PPT: Yeah, I got that.

D: (Giggle)

I present to you: Bad Parenting 103.

Hell, at least I apologized.

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