My clients kick ass

One of my policyholders just came in, and he was born and raised in Egypt. This was our conversation:

C: My brother works at Connell Chevrolet, and he's the same color as you...

M: White?

C: Red.

M: Pink?

C: Red.

M: Lighter skinned with some brown freckley accents?

C: Red.

M: Thanks.

C: You're welcome.

I can't make this stuff up, people. My clients kick ass.

4 people used their Big Boy words to communicate:

American in Norway said...

i think you are so FUNNY... can not however get the link to follow you... I see the button but there is no link... Not sure what I am doing wrong...sometimes it is there...sometimes its not...HELP

Shannon said...

Well, that sucks. I just went in and removed it and added it back...want to try now? Blogger and I are in a friendship time out. :)

lfamily5 said...

Ha Ha! So, now you are red, huh? What scary is that there are actually people that make comments like this out don't even have to make this stuff up!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm pink! We'd make a cute couple!