It's 80s Day!

My blogger pal Where's My Angels has asked all us co-bloggers to participate in a universal "80s" blog today, complete with totally tubular photos of ourselves. Before I start, let me post this standard disclaimer:

"The Boss Lady will not be held responsible for any mental or physical anguish caused to you by viewing old, extremely horrific pictures of her, including but not limited to: seizures, vomiting, diarrhea or painful urination. Furthermore, let it be known that The Boss Lady was born in 1977 and can blame most of the painful fashion faux pas on her mother, who was still dressing her in many of these photos. Dated this 30th day of October, 2008."

Let's start early on in my repulsive fashion career:

I'm guessing this is 1984, which would put me at 7 years old. Although the shorts pulled up to my nipples is attractive, I think my very favorite detail of this photo is my bowl cut-turned mullet hairstyle I was sporting that year. And the glasses? That's a recurring theme. You'll see.

1986. I've moved on from the boring tortoiseshell glasses and have picked up a snazzy new pair of bright blue ones. Apparently they were fitted by the same Lenscrafters, because they still take up 60% of my face.

This one is difficult to pin down, because it looks like every other picture I took for about four years of my life. I'm guessing it's 1987-88ish. Yes, the pink pants, flamingo shirt and high top Reeboks are amazing, and the hair...hell, I don't even know what the hair was. A perm, maybe? That means my parents paid someone to make me look like that. No, the best thing about the whole picture is the gas prices...look closely and you'll see that gas was 97 cents a gallon. Kill me.

1989. No, I didn't dress like this every day...but I might as well have. This was for Nerd Day at school. Something to remember- although I dug through my closet and picked out the most mismatched clothing I could, these options were still in my closet. I owned them. And kept them. And probably cherished them.

And just so you know, if I still had that polka dot skirt, I would wear it. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Late 1989/early 1990. If you can look beyond the face, and the bangs, and the perm, and the again HUGE glasses (Lenscrafters must perish in a fiery Hell), you'll notice I'm wearing a "Don't worry, be happy" shirt. God, I loved that shirt. I wore it all the time and was totally sporting it that same year, the day I was hit by a car. Ironic, much?

Alright, I'm totally cheating here. This is 1990. I know that because it's my 7th grade picture. At this point, I'm fairly certain I was dressing least I hope so. Those bangs. Oh God, those bangs. I went through Aquanet like it was crack cocaine, and I remember waking up at the crack of dawn so I could take my time in perfecting my bangs.

And damn, they were good.

Here's something I found going through old photos. It's a special present from me to you.

Apparently I really, really, really, REALLY liked Keanu Reeves.

God bless the 80s.

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WheresMyAngels said...

OMYGOSH, the blue glasses were so bad!! Please tell me you don't still have them. I do love those blue tennis shoes though. I remember they never sold the pre3tty colored converse in my size, I had to buy boys :(

I HATED that Don't worry, be Happy Song, along with the horrid video!

Now I need to go tell Lori ya posted cause she was bugging me about it.

The Boss Lady said...

Sweetheart, Lasik was the best decision I ever made. :)

nikkicrumpet said...

It is never a good sign when you go through your own closet for a "nerd day" outfit..and find one THAT GOOD! Lol. I love the glasses and hair. Thanks for the laughs...I feel soooo much better about my own post today. Misery loves company :]

Deb said...

did you notice when you are wearing the don't worry be happy shirt, that your sleeves are rolled? i totally remember doing that! Man, we were twisted. Do you remember pegging your pants too? LOL

jenni said...

isaiah was looking at this with me and i just have to tell you the commentary
1st picture- who's that teacher?
2nd picture- what's wrong with her?
3rd picture- HYSTERICAl laughter
4th picture- why is she dressed like that?
5th picture- which one is shannon?
6th picture- is that shannon?
7th picture- who's face is that?

ha ha ha!! love these pics! so awesome. and why did you have a picture at a gas station??? random

Angela said...

These are the best!!! I was "made in the 80's" so the height of my 80's fashion was just alternating color slouch socks and the shirt clips you wore on the side of over sized T-Shirts....I was deprived, no windshield-sized glasses for me....BUMMER!!

Heather said...

Yea, I think I had those same glasses.

And at least your mom paid someone for the perms, my mom did home perms! For more years of my life then I can even remember.

Happy 80's Day!

Natalie said...


AquaNet...can you believe they still sell it? And it's still just as strong.

Um...sorry about the getting hit by a car thing :(...although the irony made for a chuckle...but then I immediatley felt guilty.

Mer said...

I'm loving that polka dot skirt and striped sweater. Probably something I would have worn in fifth grade...and it wouldn't have had to be Nerd day either. :D

MamaPoRuski said...

I am teary with laughter! Yours has been by far the funniest post today on the 80's(G's is a close second!)I feel so much better to know someone else suffered from those large glasses...I didn't get contacts until 1989... Thanks for sharing and making my day!

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

Ok you rocked that polk-a-dot skirt! And I just LOL from the prom picture -- don't you just wish he would of been you date. LOL

Loved the pictures -- Thanks for sharing


christie said...

Seriously loved this post. Especially the little gem at the end with K. Reeves. Awesome!
Oh, and the first picture...even though you have a mullet/bowl cut - you were still adorable!