Bathing, bonding & pokey hair

I was checking out my posts today, and I realized I post about The Dictator way more than I post about PPT. It's not because I have a favorite child...rather, it's because The Dictator tends to get in more trouble, cause me more grief, and he has a way with words, to put it nicely.

PPT is a glorious child...moody at times, yes, but nowhere near as high maintenance as the little gnome that popped out of my womb 5 years ago.

So tonight, Hubs and PPT went to Michael's to buy materials for a book report that's due on Friday, which left The Dictator and me home all by our lonesomes. I decided to take a bath while he was playing Wii, which was wonderful...until his keen 5-year old brain sensed that mom was relaxing, and that simply can't be done on his watch. He came in, butt naked, and declared he was getting in the bath with me, which he hasn't done in about a year.

Now, let me start off by saying that I am not a small girl. And the bath is not a big bath. So by myself, I was pushing maximum capacity. But fear not, fellow crimefighters, for he is clever. The Dictator was able to firmly wedge his little ass in the tub, and we were able to bond, he and I, me hugging my knees and suffocating on my own boobies and him playing with his wiener.

Here are just a few gems that came out of The Dictator's mouth while we were enjoying our time together in the tub:

D: You have a lot of hair. (Legs, you perverts, legs.)

D: This tub doesn't fit you.

D: Your hair is pokey. (Legs!)

And, my personal favorite:

D: You're the best mommy with a big stomach EVER.

*Note to self: Repeat three times quickly: Children are a blessing, children are a blessing, children are a blessing.

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Cecily R said...

This stuff happens to me all. the. time. My neat kids love to point stuff out to I didn't already KNOW. :)

Like the time my daughter came in while I was dressing and said "Don't worry Mom! I'm not laughin'!"

Deb said...

oh, gotta love it! Zach started showering with me while I was 9 mos. pregnant last year. That was interesting. Also, he asked, "hey mom, where's your penis?" These kids keep us on our toes, eh?

American in Norway said...

OMG SOOO Funny! NO way would I let my kid in the tub with me...for that exact reason...
Thanks for stopping by & showing some bloggy love on my big SITS day!

I will be back... going to get you added to my blogroll

Angela said...

Danny is super worried about this very subject! If it's okay for a mom to bathe with their son, is it okay for a dad to bathe with their daughter. I'm not quite ready for all these questions.

lfamily5 said...

Yes, children are a blessing! I love reading your always puts a smile on my face!