The Dictator is channeling Russell Brand

Have I mentioned that we're growing out The Dictator's hair? We are. And it sucks ass. It sticks to his forehead when he's sweaty, his sideburns look like a really bad 70s flashback, and last week I bought my first-ever bottle of detangler.

Detangler. For a boy. I haven't used a brush on either of my kids in years, and now I have to buy strawberry scented detangler too? For the love of God, I have boys...I shouldn't have to brush or detangle. That is the innate beauty of the wiener-baring species.

But, he wanted to grow it out, so we are. And tonight, IT. WAS. FREAKING. AWESOME.

The Dictator's hair takes about 40 minutes to dry. I don't know why, I just know that about 80% of the time he falls asleep with wet hair and wakes up with a killer case of bedhead.

Tonight, he took a shower and watched TV afterwards for about 20 minutes. When I finally pried his little ass off the sofa to go get ready for bed, this is what I saw:

To give you an even better perspective, this is what his hair looked like in its full glory:

Apparently, he had been laying the whole time on his wet hair, and this awesomeness was the result. I honestly don't even know how to fix this for school tomorrow, so I'm just going to say screw it.

I'll tell everyone he's dressed up as Russell Brand for Halloween.

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jenni said...

awesome! i'll have to take a pic of tanner and hayden in the morning. they have pretty awesome bed head. i have bought detangler for years. at luke's party i told keri that i LOVED o's hair. he looks so cute.