Bad Parenting 101

Somewhere in the Handbook of Parenting should be a paragraph that reads something like this:

"You absolutely cannot, as a parent, get angry with your child for losing a $240 baseball bat (to be later found), threaten to take away Christmas to fund a replacement for said bat, be prepared to ground your offspring for two weeks, and call your son/daughter 'irresponsible', and then proceed to:

1. Leave your cell phone on a table at a baseball tournament in Chino Hills for an hour.
2. Find said phone, then lose again 10 minutes later, accompanied by a backpack this time.
3. Lock your keys in the car.
4. Leave the keys in the ignition, on 'Accessory' so your radio is playing for five hours.

This is an example of 'Bad Parenting 101."

I'm just saying, the info would have been appreciated before today.

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