This kid could go somewhere

Someday, The Dictator is totally going to buy us a new house. How is he going to purchase such an expensive mansion, you wonder? With his newly-found, stupifying soccer skills.

That's right folks, my Dictator is a soccer phenom. Today, he scored not one, but TWO goals. TWO GOALS. In one game. Be still my beating, excited-for-the-monetary-possibilities heart.

Here's a small glimpse of Pele' in action:

Before the game, getting himself psyched up. Look at that intensity.

On the field, obviously waiting for a chance to pounce the other team with his superior soccer knowledge.

At halftime, replenishing everything lost in the battle. And making an orange smiley face.

I'm just saying, this 4-year old has talent. With a few years, multiple coaches, an extra 120 pounds, lots of expensive soccer equipment, millions of hours practicing, 3476 bottles of Gatorade and a mother who would have to quit her job to spend all her time taxi-ing him around...this kid could go somewhere.

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Ha Ha Ha!