Wii rule

My family has been playing Wii pretty much nonstop since 6:30 last night. It's insane. Babe has sore arms, The Dictator is dripping sweat, and PPT thinks hii wants to sign up for tennis lessons because 'Mike' and 'Maya' the little animated tennis Miis, have convinced him hii's Andre Agassi.

The only one who hasn't played yet is mii, and that's honestly because I'd have to put a bra on to do that (you don't want these puppies flapping around while boxing someone). It's Sunday, wii actually have no plans, and my boobies want to breathe.

*Sidenote: Hubs actually said to mii this morning, "So, are you going to put pants on today, or...?" Yes, it's one of those days.

The only justification I have for letting my offspring play video games for 10 hours is that they're actually moving their bodies...which in turn, makes mii feel like I'm a good parent who doesn't let her kids play video games for 10 hours.

Apparently, an unfortunate side effect of endless hours of Wii enjoyment is my inability to use the vowel "e" when posting, opting instead to utilize the "ii" effect that's embedded in my brain. Sorry, guys. The Wii is really getting to mii.

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Jade said...

Sounds like a FUN wiikend!