Let's start at the beginning...

Well, the beginning of this blog, at least.

Here's the deal- I hate blogs. Hate them. With a passion. But quite a few of my friends have them, and as I started to check them out, I noticed something- I was stalking. I mean, seriously stalking. Not my friends...I know those people. No, I was stalking my friends' friends, ones I'd never met but found links to on my pals' blogs. I loved them...they're all so beautiful, and their houses are so beautiful, and their kids are so beautiful, and their cameras take THE most beautiful pictures I'd ever seen. It was like a Pottery Barn catalog come to life. So, there you have it- I AM A TOTAL BLOG STALKER There. I said it, and you all know my dark secret.

Anywho, a few pals along the way suggested I do my own blog, so here you go. This is me, this is my family, this is my life...and it's definitely NOT a Pottery Barn catalog.

Me: Shannon (aka "The Boss").
The Hubs: Justin (aka "Hubs", "Babe" or "the guy that's snoring on the couch").
The older son: Julian (aka "the pre-pre-teen" or just "PPT"). 10 1/2 years old.
The younger son: Owen (aka "the dictator"). Very, very close to 5 years old.
The dogs: Brody ("good dog") and Penny ("bad dog").

And there you have it. That's us, in about six sentences. Scary, isn't it? Oh, just wait...

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jenni said...

yeah! i am so excited that you finally started a blog. now people can stalk you :)