Bad Parenting 102

The conversation in the car this morning between myself and The Dictator:

D: Mom, when we go back to that baseball field, can you give me $1.00 so I can listen to Soulja Boy?

*What I thought in my head:
M: Why yes, dear, I'd love to give you $1.00 of my hard-earned money to request a totally child-inappropriate song that talks about sex acts with women, commonly referred to as 'hoes'. Would you like me to explain exactly when he means by 'Superman' too? Come, let's go to together and I'll show you. Perhaps you can give your fellow preschoolers a tutorial afterwards.

*What I said out loud:
M: Sure.

Bad Parenting 102, folks...Bad Parenting 102.

2 people used their Big Boy words to communicate:

Angela said...
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Jade said...

So true!