School rules!

Dear People without kids,

Little humans are amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. But there's something the Secret Society of Parents doesn't tell you, for fear you won't reproduce and the world's population will die out.

That cuddly little baby you're thinking of making? That wonderful smelling, warm, Baby Gap-wearing creature you want to nurture and care for your whole life? That baby grows. And grows. And grows. And pretty soon, you're facing homework, health class (wink wink), orthodontists, sleepovers, expensive video game systems and "recreational" sports that leave you nary a penny to spend.

So go ahead, make your little human. And love it. But just know- it grows. A LOT.

People with kids

It's school time again. No more 9:00 dinners, no more 11:00 bedtimes and most of all, no more 4th grader. It's true- PPT started 5th grade this year. Like, the real 5th grade, with Outdoor Ed and everything.

It kills me. Could this little missing-toothed child possibly have turned in to a 10 1/2 year that fast?

It must be. Here's the evidence:

So, PPT is off to 5th grade and girls, flag football, Student Council, travel baseball and struggling through math. And what of The Dicatator, you say? cherubic little Michelin Man

has started his last year of preschool and will be in Kindergarten next year. Principal's Office, here we come!

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