Score another one for The Dictator

Tonight, after flipping through photos of the kids from years ago:

M: Hubs, look at these. PPT was so young, and life seemed simpler then. We had less money and less stuff, but we didn't care.

H: (on some sort of Jeep forum online, nodding to placate me) Mmm-hmm.

M: You know who I feel sorry for? The Dictator. He's dragged to PPT's sporting events, we don't hang out with him as much as we used to hang out with PPT and we never seem to have enough time for him .

H: Mmm-hmm (eyes on screen).

M: You're not even listening to me. Are you listening to me?

H: Mmm-hmm (clicking the mouse furiously).

M: I just feel bad for him. He's being raised by totally different parents than PPT was. Poor kid...being the second child is sucky.

D: (skipping in the room) Yeah, you guys should raise me better, huh?

God bless The Dictator. His timing is impeccable.

2 people used their Big Boy words to communicate:

Jade said...

It's true... First time around = Mommy and Me, Disney passes, play dates at the park, weekends down to the beach, grinding his baby food even!

Now = Syd playing with her friends 'the roly polies' at Big League Dreams - awesome!

Angela said...

Well I'm trying to convince Danny that Addison should be our only child (as this has not been the most fun 7 months of my life)...he's not convinced! I may be having him read "B&W" tonight (p.s...B&W is your site)