Today is Monday, so technically I should be posting about my Weight Watchers weigh-in. But I'm not. Because I didn't go. Because this week, I ate like a freaking hog. Because this week, I consumed Smores Pop Tarts like they were being discontinued, and I'm fairly certain I ate my body weight in pasta at Claim Jumper last night.

And because this week, I'm getting ready to start my period, so my body is willing to rip off someone's ears for a little chocolate.

So no Weight Watchers this week, although when you're struggling is when you're supposed to "work the program". Oh, my fat ass is working it all right...just give me 27 more Hershey bars and nobody will get hurt.

Surprisingly, this is not me. But it might be soon.

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Scary Mommy said...

That picture is just too sad!!! I'm half ass doing WW too, and have been terrible lately. It sucks. I wish I could be happy being fat. You're not alone!!

lfamily5 said...

Is it bad that I am laughing here in front of my computer! I am enjoying your blog!!!! Love the Bluetooth letter too...been there!

lfamily5 said...

BTW- not laughing at you, but with you! That pic is scary!