Friday's Foto

Alright, whatever, it's technically Saturday morning, but cut me some slack. I was blog stalking for what I thought was only a few minutes...but really turned out to be three hours. Silly me! I'm pretty sure the little people I cohabitate with are in bed? Maybe?

I DO NOT know these men. But I DO love them. And I don't know why this picture was taken, nor do I want to. I'm content to let my mind jump to its own conclusions, thank you very much.

Happy weekend!

3 people used their Big Boy words to communicate:

lfamily5 said...

Ha Ha Ha! I love the way you write, honestly. I wish I could write as well as you - you make me laugh so hard when I am "stalking" your blog!

BTW- the reason I appear to be so "martha" is because I can't write well, so I figure I may as well do it with pictures! :-)

jenni said...

only you!!!

Angela said...

They have bathtubs in prison now?!
(p.s...I can say that cause I'm Mexican)!