The conversation between Babe, The Dictator and I after The Dictator's soccer practice:

D: Mom, can I play the computer?

M: Why don't you want to play Wii?

B: (Shouting from the next room) He doesn't get to play Wii for two days.

M: Why?

B: Because he told Garrett at practice today that he was going to kill him.


Therapy is going to be expensive.

3 people used their Big Boy words to communicate:

thesullivanfam said...

My kid keeps saying she wants to kill herself....what wii game is that????

Angela said...

I wouldn't worry unless either of their imaginary friends don't want to play with them anymore.

Deb said...

shannon: i love your posts, and that you post so frequently! gives me something to read! Like you, I am a comment whore, only I never thought to write that on my blog! LOL
p.s. have you seen people's blogs where they do that "live feed" and display who looks at the blog??? It has totally freaked me out because I'm a huge blog stalker. to people who have no clue I read their blog. That little gadget has really cramped my style. thank heavens you know I read your blog. I can stalk in peace....
have a good weekend!